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Originally Posted by CaptainOwlClub
thank you both very much

i should have explained better that i left both brooke lopez and a randolph off the lists- for me im sure enough about brooke lopez to rate him ahead of the rest of the bigs- ive been lead to believe that randolph is also a notch ahead of the rest at pf-

the lopez that is to be ranked with the rest of the list is center robin lopez-

im glad im not the only one who places d aurthur ahead of some of these other guys- also the 2 gaurds list seems right no matter wich order its in

i shouldnt have put ajinca in- but i definitly want to know how people rank the rest of the bigs( posterize where do you like hibbert and r lopez on your list) -plenty to choose from without me throwing my favortite foriegn prospect in, even though i do see it shocking if ajinca is not in the top 19 picks

i am also still confused why i am the only joey dorsey supporter around- i must have him ranked way too high-

if i had to put the last couple in order of how i think they'll be drafted...i would go
4.dorsey(hes a sure 2nd rounder)

In order of how I like them to do in their careers I would switch koufos and hibbert in that list. I really have no clue about ajinca. I've never seen the guy play and can't form an opinion on him
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