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Default Re: The Official NBA '08 Draft Lottery Thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
You posted that while i was in the middle of replying.

Deandre Jordan? You mean Chicago should add yet another undeveloped big man? Arent you tired of thier frontcourt being nothing but projects or guys allergic, incapable of giving you production downlow worth a damn? Geeze, D.Jordan is no different than Tyrus Thomas, J.Noah. In terms of adding a young talent who will rely on his athletic ability and hopefully over time develop thier actual skill.

If you trade down, in that trade you better be bringing back a productive player. Otherwise its really stupid to move down. Better off taking that icecream cone over Jordan. Atleast Lopez can score. How effective in the NBA? Remains to be seen, but you dont gotta wait 4-5yrs thats for sure.

Bad GM you are.

Its Rose or Beasley. Only other option? A deal you cant refuse.

First I think you can bring in a productive player by trading down. Second, Jordan I think is a better fit than Ty or Noah (especially). He has great size, and has the potential to be a legit post threat like the Lemarcus Aldridge they missed out on and can do it on both ends. But like I said, I'd probably take Beasley, but no way I'd take Rose if Im them. He should be out of the question.
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