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Default Re: The Official NBA '08 Draft Lottery Thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Jordan hasnt done shyt in college. What the hell are you sold on?????

Maybe you see something that scouts and people did in Darko.

Kid wasnt even the best player on his team. During game the you forgot he was even a top NBA prospect. Like really. You say he is a better fit more than Ty/Noah, but based on what? His size basically? The fact he has size to play the position when the NBA nowadays? Most teams just put out ther 5 best, most talented players and no the sterotypical position player.

D.Jordan should have stayed in school and tried if he improved to be the #1 pick next draft. But he'll go high based on mysterious potential that he really didnt show much in college. He has size, he's athletic and somehow you are gonna develop him like some damn play dough into a legit post player.

I got all night buddy...punch them keys!

Getting The Bulls out of the equation because I've already changed my mind to Beasley for them.

But Deandre's size and potential is scary. I think he can develop a Al Horford/Bynum type body, and be a very solid post player with Bynum potential and I think he'll get there. He should've gone back to school but (to bring Chi back into the convo) his abilities are what Chicago really need. But Beasley will be fine.

But I must add this. I think Deandre's almost a sure fire thing to be where Bynum was at the stage before he got hurt (I think he and for that matter Bynum will be better than that, but that's where I see him being soon enough) . Beasley IMO is about as sure a thing to fulfill his superstar potential as Marvin Williams did and Rose about as sure a thing as Conley, as in they are the most overall talented, but from what I saw in college with both of them is not something I foresee translating to the league statistically (much like I don't with Durant)

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