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Default Re: With The First Pick The Bulls Select....

Originally Posted by PacerRaptor
Hinrich isnt a SG, hes a pure PG...theres no way Paxson is stupid enough to do this. If you guys are that desperate for a SG, trade Hinrich for one. But you guys still have Thabo and Hughes

I'm with on this, incidentally, but people much smarter than me (not on this board... I mean in the NBA publications I read and shows I listen to) say that Hinrich is actually a 2 guard playing out of position. They say he's an average number 1 but could be a very good (top 10) SG in this league. Not that he's a pure scorer, but you really don't need him to be if you have Rose. You can let Rose handle the ball almost every play and setup Kirk for jump shots. If he gets caught up on any given play, you've got another distributor ready to take the ball and move it around a bit too.

Especially if you can land O'Neal in a trade with Indianapolis for Noah and some other pieces, I think we'd really be set for a nice 3-5 year run at the Eastern Conference title.
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