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Default Re: Who should Phoenix take at the 15th pick?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I'm going a little off-topic here, but am I the only one that doesn't see PHX as having a true direction? After years of cheapness, selling picks, they make a deal for Shaq, who doesn't fit their style at all and although he can defend Duncan is overall on a major decline and makes too much money for a Contender to find him a good buy at his current deteriorating level. The rest of the team is still built for an uptempo style and there are few good defenders. They let their bigtime offensive coach walk and with the Colangelos out of the picture the vision for the team is all Steve Kerr, but what's his vision? They still have a lot of good assets to move around but I just don't get what they're doing.
Actually the Suns really havent been cheap over the years. They have just made bad decisions. They go and sell a draft pick and then go sign Eric P. to a similar deal. They sell a draft pick and then sign Marcus Banks to a big deal.

I'm assuming there plan is for them to build around Amare and whatever free agents they can sign in two years. Phoenix will have cap space for two big time free agents and they usually have no trouble attracting them.
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