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Default Re: Early Mock drafts

Originally Posted by berraco
I hardly see Gay playing SG, in fact I've never seen him play there with Memphis. The best player available at #5 will be probably Gallinari (for me he is above Mayo), but the Grizzlies are too weak in the front court to draft another SF (unless they are able to trade him for a big).

Jordan seems to be pretty raw, but he will have a couple of years to develop in Memphis before he is really necessary as a contributor. You never know if he will end up being Dwight Howard or Stromile Swift, but that's always a risk.
Love is a good option, sure. I don't consider Koufos an option because he reminds me of Gasol and it will be painful to see Memphis drafting someone like him after that ridiculous trade.

They're both highly skilled big men, but I don't think they are the same player at all. Kofous will be much bigger and is more athletic. Koufos can play closer to the rim as well with some tutoring. He actually has more range than Gasol as well.
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