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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by kshutts1
Now that we have the first pick, here are the feasible options that I see that we have (and that I want):
1) Draft Beasley.
Hinrich - Duhon
Hughes - Gordon - thabo
Deng - Noc
Gooden - TT
Noah - Gray

Very solid lineup with a go-to scorer (finally!)

2) Trade the pick to the Twolves for their #3, and next year's 1st rounder. Draft Gordon, Love, Mayo, Lopez... one of those 4. If a guard is drafted, we need to trade Gordon for a solid post player, maybe someone like Nick Collison, etc.

3) Pick Rose, then trade Hinrich, TT, next year's 1st rounder for Elton Brand.

Rose - Duhon
Hughes - Gordon - Thabo
Deng - Noc
Brand - Gooden
Noah - Gray

One main catch to this scenario is that Brand may be a FA. I'm not sure whether he is FA, Rest. FA, etc... if he's restricted, then a sign-and-trade could be had. If it's a player or team option, then as long as he goes back, we're in business. Otherwise we don't have the cap room to outright sign him
Anyone like these ideas? I ranked them in order of feasibility.

As for the Brand thing, no we don't have cap room. *Well as of now if we let everyone go who's contracts are up we would have a little over 6 milllion.* But cap in the NBA isn't like some other sports - you can go over it. I know Denver is more than 20 million over the cap - so signing Brand wouldn't be out of the picture. Hell singing both Deng and Brand to contracts wouldn't be out of the picture.

Signing Deng puts us like 3 million over. Brand puts it to probably 15 million over, then Rose takes it to 18ish.
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