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Default Re: Offseason 2008: Start showing that you wanna keep Lebron......

Originally Posted by Cavs2007Champs
I've taken ideas of trades thrown around by other posters. These next 2 deal solely with NY.

Cleveland receives- Randolph and Jeffries

NY receives- Ben Wallace, Anderson Varejao, and 2nd round pick 09.

NY cuts Randolphs contract down a year, add AV who could be nice next to AV and Curry, and might be the hustler D'Antoni could use off the bench. Then the 2nd round pick to even things out, cuz Ben Wallaces contract isn't a great one either.

Other NY trade...

Cleveland receives- Randolph, Jeffries, Wilson Chandler (or Balkman or pick)

NY receives- Wally Z, Sasha Pavlovic, Anderson Varejao

NY cuts down 2 long contracts, and get 2 young players, AV has a player option and could be a nice rold player. Pavs isn't much IMO, I'm not sold on him as a player but you could replace him with Snow or Jones so then NY would have $16-17 mill in expirings, and AV's $5 mill if he exercises his Player Option.

NY could replace Chandler with Balkman or a draft pick. If we're taking the long contracts and giving NY expirings and some youth, I'd like some compensation in the form of 1 of their young players or a pick.

I'm sure NY would opt for the deal with Wally to get the expirings..

PG- West
SG- Jeffries
SF- James
PF- Randolph
C- Z

PG- Gibson, Jones, Snow
SG- Brown, (add Pavs if you deal Snow)
SF- Chandler
PF- Smith
C- Wallace

I'd be satisfied with that starting lineup, and we could still have a Jones expiring and Pavs or Snow to deal. I'd assume Smith is a veteran we'd like to keep, but he 2 has an expiring next season. And then in the 09 off season Wallace could be used as bait.

And yes I know that's a lot of trade scenario to break down, but I just break down other trade alternatives I've seen posted, and I've seen a few that liked the idea of adding Randolph, I like his offensive game, but he has character questions and a defensive liability, him and Z would equal a rather soft front line, that's where we would need a true defensive big man.

dont trade varejo they need him off the bench for d is ben wallace is gone
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