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Originally Posted by B-Low
And my answer is yes, we would have done better. In the games where LeBron wasn't stepping up we needed someone else to score. Drew and Larry could both give you a good 15-20 on a given night if asked to, whereas Ben Wallace and Joe can maybe combine for 12 points. So to me if we had those two to pick up the scoring that we lacked with LeBron struggling we would have done a lot better. Me and my dad were actually discussing this same thign earlier.

WOW!!! Since when were Gooden and Hughes able to pick up the scoring load when asked?? Then I guess LeBron and the other guys only asked them to do that 3-4 times a month??

So then they told Drew and Larry to go on ahead and shoot 20% from the field or completely disappear the other 10 games they sucked??

All we have then is Gooden, Z, and AV in the big man rotation, which I think would have been outperformed greatly by Bostons big man rotation, and Ray Allen already played bad, so Hughes's defense would be irrelevant, and he isn't quick enough to play Rondo.

We still lose in 7, if not 6.
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