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Post Re: Even before Chicago landed the first overall pick in the draft at Tuesday night's

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
trade hinrich for dorell wright and miamis 2nd round pick, than trade luol deng for a late lottery pick or charlie vee and milaukees 1 rounder with a possiblity of kevin love available

nocioni/dorell wright/tyrus
gooden/charlie vee/kevin love
noah/gray/sasha kahn

with a team like that, injurys will not affect us

How does that first trade help? Dorell Wright would not play on that team, as TT would get the minutes at SF spelling Noc, and the second rounder would have minimal impact on an already deep team. The good thing about the lineup you have is that there would only be two unreasonable contracts in Hughes and Gordon. I was completely against bringing Gordon back, but with the rumors that Kirk might be traded, we would definitely need to keep him as a shooter. I just hope Paxson doesn't get suckered into giving him any more than $6-8 million/year. Any more than that is too much for a shooter that doesn't really help out anywhere else. Also, if you are going to draft Kevin Love, why trade for Charlie V? Love needs the minutes, and I bet he will be better than Charlie this season. Get someone that can help, like drafting an OJ Mayo or any other shooting guard not named Eric Gordon.
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