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Default Make the Playoffs!?

Last year they were 17-14 before Davis started to go down with injuries. He missed the next 30 out of 50 games and that was the end of the season. It was like taking Nash away from Phoenix. Davis stays healthy with JRich and playoffs....maybe!

Still, this team does not shoot well. Even if Nellie exploits matchups and gets the big men away from the basket, what will it matter if they can not hit open looks. Davis and Richardson probably have the shots, but just look at Dunleavy and Murphy's numbers. They are not pretty.

Mullin made a mistake by resigning Foyal and Dunleavy and Murphy went soft on the boards. They need him to make the interior rebound but the guys picks up the long boards. They needed him to body up. Dunleavy can handle the rock, but has not lived up to his college shot.

Those three guys have to improve this season or they are gone. Maybe they should be anyway so that the Warriors can find more athletic players through free agency or the draft who are better shootters.
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