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Default Denver will never win a championship under Karl!

And here is why:

So much talent...wasted under this guy.
They need to get rid of this guy before he screws us all by recommending trading away all of our favorite players on the team. Karl has already stated that "Any current Nuggets player could get traded this summer". If he remains with Denver, then I believe things will only continue to get worse. Think about it, no way in hell can both Melo + Karl coexist together anymore, it has already reached the boiling point. If he remains then Melo will most likely leave and if they were to actually trade away Melo then do you really think Iverson would stay with the team anymore? He'll probably opt out and sign with a team he knows will either contend or at least make the playoffs. AI knows that he can't do it by himself, he has already tried it with Philly and if they decide to trade away the player that made him come to Denver in the 1st place, no way in hell does he stay. As of now, the only offer for Melo is supposedly this Talk about a sh*tty offer huh? Wether it's true or not, I could definetly see it happening, afterall they(Denver) did welcome Karl back didn't they? talk about dumb.
Anyways, if Melo and AI leaves, then no way does J.R. stay, he along with KMart, hate Karl's guts, but Kmart isn't going to leave because he is making around $11 million next year.... as if he'll ever be worth that much again. So, who's left once Melo, AI, J.R, and possibly Camby are gone? Kleiza? Nene?? Atkins??? AC??? KMart??? maybe, even Jefferson??? and a couple of 1st round picks that'll get this team nowhere any time soon, assuming the Melo-Jefferson trade were to happen of course.
I'm convinced that Karl, no matter how much talent his team has, will never win a championship, take a look at the USA team he coached back in 2002 again, with all the talent on the team, the best he got them to was 6th place??
Karls words after losing to Spain back in 2002 for 5th place in FIBA World Championship :
"Quit is a very hard word,'' Karl said, disagreeing with that assessment. "They got frustrated, felt the pressure a little bit, didn't finish some plays that they would have completed on their own teams because of their familiarity with each other.''
Seems to me like, he is defending himself on that 1st sentence..just like he did when Lakers Swept them this year:
"Well, I don't think I quit. I quit on not passing the ball,'' said Karl, when asked about Anthony's post-game comments. "In the fourth quarter. I tried to find some answers. I tried to find, 'Is Chucky (Atkins) going to help us?' . . . I think Melo's emotional right now. He's frustrated right now, as we all are. And keeping our composure and a maturity to it is probably the best way to go.''
And what's with the "they got frustrated" crap? this guy always seems to be blaming everyone else before him, makes me sick!

Anyways, I'm not saying all this will happen, but it can and it might happen and if it were to happen then this team could go back to becoming a lottery team all over again, before drafting Carmelo.
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