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Default Re: Denver will never win a championship under Karl!

right on the money- sick is a great way to describe how it is to watch this happen- how is this possible

karl did the worst coaching job in the history of basketball- not the nba... the entire sport of basketball- worse than the worst 7th grade girls b team coach

who starts and plays his 12-13th man 30 minutes a game at the most important position on the floor?

take the names and numbers off their backs and any coach in the world when given this roster would have iverson as its point gaurd and jr as the shooting gaurd- you have to make that happen, its the roster you have to deal with- for his "bosses" to not fire him for not using the roster he was given sets off a fishy smell right there-
the nuggets were the best open gym basketball team in the world- that stuff dont work in the playoffs -george karl still coaching this team is sickening, and i agree that things could get worse
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