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Default Re: Denver will never win a championship under Karl!

Karl hasn't gotten along with many of his star players in the past and he won't be getting along with Melo, A.I., K-Mart, and even J.R. any time soon. His coaching resume seems pretty decent, but a coach needs to be more involved with his players. Last year George Karl hated J.R. and you could see it. Now that I've thought about it George Karl is probably not the best coach for the Nuggets. If J.R. played like he did at the end of last season without Karl, imagine how he would play a whole season without Karl! When the Adrian Dantley was coaching the Nuggets that one game last season we actually played like a team!

Krayzie, sorry about the Melo post, but I just wanted to see what would happen to Melo! and George Karl is a good coach, but not for a team like the Nuggets, maybe the Knicks.
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