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Default Re: Joe Alexander - Best Overall Athlete In The Draft

Originally Posted by Efunk7
i dont think he has 44" off a straight 2-footed vert, but i think he comes close off of an approach...

from draftexpress:

"Any question about just how freakishly athletic he is vertically were answered as we watched him perform a series of highlight reel caliber dunks as the day of workouts came to a close—360s, off the backboard, windmills, the Vince Carter “honey-dip“/elbow inside the rim, between the legs, taking off from a step inside the free throw line, he visibly wowed each and every one of the players on the sidelines with his antics. Just for good measure, he finished off by jogging lightly towards the basket, jumping off two feet and viciously head-butting the rim, as you can see in the photo. "

Holdin' it down for the white boys......

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