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Default The Legendary Tips4 NBA 2008 Lottery Mock Draft

Hey welcome to the legendary Mock Draft. Lol not bragging but just trying to piss off some of the posters who dont like my posts eventhough i probably have the most accurate Mock Draft for the past 3 years. Anyways Enjoy it and if you disagree with anything dont just close the thread, feel free to critize,make lasagna jokes and discuss the draft.hehe anyways here we go :

2008 NBA Draft

Chicago Bulls 1st Pick: Derrick Rose(Memphis)-People say Chicago will draft Derrick Rose because they need another Point Guard. Personally you dont use the 1st overall pick based on a need, you pick the best talent. The best talent is Derrick Rose. Beasley is a great player but Derrick Rose is a rare talent and i dont think anyone has mentioned that he will give Ben Gordon the freedom to play the Shooting Guard position on the defensive end. Derrick Rose stands at 6'3 with crazy atheleticism and the ability to defend the shooting guard position. Or with Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich being on the trading block is there a way to grab Brook Lopez ???

Miami Heats 2nd Pick: Michael Beasley(Kansas State)-Derrick Rose is a better pick for them but you take the second best player.Its a nobrainer really. Having the Maxtrix and Beasley at the forward position will bring excellent versitility to the Miami Heats. With D-Wade healthy,a decent Center and a Point Guard to the run the show the Miami Heats should be back to the team they were several years ago.

Minnesota Wolves 3rd Pick: Brook Lopez(Stanford)-I am convinced with Brook Lopez's talent ! He has it and he will be something in the NBA. The last player i said this about him when he was coming out of college was Chris Paul. Brook Lopez reminds me of Gasol. Nothing flashy like the atheleticism and all. He is a Brandon Roy at the Center position. He doesnt bring anything new but the good old things you need to play the Center position, Great size,great all around skills at the center position, a nice midrange shot, rebounds and excellent low post skills. Brook Lopez at the Center position and Al Jefferson at the Power Forward spot should bring a smile to your face if you are a Wolves fan. Imagine the room those two can give to Foye and McCants on the perimiter.

Seattle Supersonics 4th Overall Pick: OJ Mayo(USC) -You already picked one phenom and it worked out, than why not pick another one? Supersonics have a need at the Shooting Guard position and Oj Mayo should fills the need. I understand the Supersonics already have enough distractions going on right now but how can you refuse Oj Mayo and Kevin Durant on your team ? If you told someone this 2 years ago, they wouldved told you thats a 2012 NBA Championship team.

Memphis Grizzlies 5th Overall Pick: Jerryd Bayless(Arizona)- The kid has potential i will give him that. He has the atheleticism and the offensive skills to develop into a 20 PPG player in the NBA. Personally i think he is overrated but he is talented enough to get picked top 5. Parfect player for the Memphis Grizzlies, he reminds me of Monta Ellis. With Memphis Grizzlies trying to turn to a Run and Gun team, Jerryd Bayless should be a parfect player the at the shooting guard position because this kid can run faster than 90 % of the NBA players right now.

New York Knicks 6th Overall Pick: Anthony Randolph(LSU)- I have a feeling the Knicks will make the mistake of drafting Gillinari with this pick. I just dont trust Euro players anymore. To many of them end up being busts. Especially at the SF spot where most of the atheletic freaks play. I dont think Gillinari will keep up with that kind of atheleticism. Anthony Randolph is the parfect player for the Run And Gun System. Tall,atheletic,go all around skills and runs like a deer.

LA Clippers 7th Pick Overall Pick: Eric Gordon(Indiana)- LA Clippers are just Clippers. Always confusing and always not knowing where to go or turn to. I like Eric Gordons talent, i think he is a starter for years to come. Reminds me of a more atheletic C.Mobley.Mobley is getting older and Gordon is the parfect replacement.

Milwaukee Bucks 8th Pick Overall Pick: Danilo Gallinari(Italy)- If the Bucks have no plans to trade Charlie Villanueva than Danilo Gallinari is a great pick for them. They lack a decent Small Forward and Gallinari has the potential and the versitility to be a great SF and if he turns out a bust than atleast you are getting a decent Small Forward.

Charlotte Bobcats 9th Overall: DeAndre Jordan(Texas A&M)- Do you take a safe pick here or take a risk ? They took a safe pick in 2006 and didnt workout. Try to hit the homerun here and DeAndre Jordan has amazing potential. He is the flashy player, the 7 footer with amazing leaping ability and anytime you posses those 2 things, than you have a great chance at becoming a great player. We havent seen him play that much but when we have seen him play you see why he is soo special. People are going as far as comparing him to Dwight Howard, yes they are similar but not the same. Dwight Howard is a bigger beast.

New Jersey Nets 10th Pick: Kevin Love(UCLA)- I think we can all agree that Nets need another big. Here is a safe pick for the Nets and a player many think will contribute in the NBA immidiately. If the Nets decide to keep the core than Love will come in and help right away.

Indiana Pacers 11th Pick: Darrell Arthur(Kansas)- If the rumors about Jermaine Oneil going to Cavs are true than the Indiana Pacers will need another big. Anderson is a nice player but you need some points from the PF spot and Anderson Verajao wont give you that. Darrel is an atheletic freak with great potential. Plus he played decent during his sophomore season which is great for a player with potential. He is improving every year and Indiana Pacers cant pass on a player like Darrell if the rumors are true.

Sacramento Kings 12th Pick: Joe Alexander(W.Virginia)- I can see Kmart and Joe Alexander with a good player at every position doing good for the Kings. Like Detroit no stars but good at every position. Ofcourse i am not suggesting they could be the Detroit Pistons. I like Joe's atheleticism and heart, i am not convinced yet but i see his potential and if the Kings are planning to trade Artest than Joe is their pick. Artest is strong enough to play PF too.

Portland Trail Blazers 13th Pick: Russell Westbrook(UCLA)- I can see a big backcourt with Russell or Brandon Roy running the Point Guard position. This will make them a really dangerous team, beacuse they arent undersized at any position. As a matter of fact they would be oversized at every position. They need a PG and Russell is not a PG but he will fit in nicely.

Golden State Warriors 14th Pick: DJ Augustin(Texas)- If the rumors about Baron Davis are true than they need DJ Augustin. I like his talent and he is a pure PG. He is nothing special but a starter in this league and a system like Nelly's should bring out all of his skills.

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