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Default Re: Day's Mock Draft ver.1

Originally Posted by laview
I posted the first 10 picks as a reply to another thread, but here is what I think the 1st round might be given that the teams keep their picks.

1. Bulls - D. Rose (hometown boy; and in my option the no. 1 choice for any team)
2. Heat - M. Beasley (who else?)
3. Timberwolves - OJ Mayo (they need a big time scorer more than a C)
4. Supersonics - Brook Lopez (need a big to go with the SF and SG from last years draft)
5. Grizziles - DeAndre Jordon (a big gamble that might payoff really well; can't pass on a C with good potential)
6. Knicks - Danilo Gallinari (6'10 forward body with great ball handles and shooting ability upto 3 point range, perfect for the new coach in town)
7. Clippers - Eric Gordon (great scorer who can shoot well from the outside will be great playing along Brand and Corey who like to play the physical game)
8. Bucks - Jerryd Bayless (I don't think the Redd and Mo Williams experiment is working out; new blood is needed in the backcourt to turn things around)
9. Bobcats - Darrel Arthur (they need a guy who can score in the front court; their PG, SG, SF, and C situation are not so bad, but Darrel Arthur is much smoother than Okafor on the offense)
10. Nets - Kevin Love (again with good scoring SG and SF like Jefferson and Carter and PG like D. Harris, they could use someone who can contribute offensively in the front court to take pressure off the outside shooters)
11. Pacers - Russel Westbrook (with healthy O'Neal, Granger, Dunleavy, and Tinsely, the addition of Russel Westbrook might allow the Pacer to really excel in a run-and-gun type of system)
12. Sacramento - Anthony Randolph (around mid-1st round draft, it is probably wise to pick the person with the greatest potential)
13. Blazers - Nicolas Batum (great offensive athlete with good all around still. He would be a perfect complementary piece bridging Oden and Roy together)
14. Warriors - Kosta Koufos (they need a big body since they are a pretty undersized team; Kosta has great passing skill and might turn out to be what they are hoping to get but did not get from Chris Webber)
15. Suns - JaVale McGee (a gamble, but it is time to prepare for post-Shaq, which is coming soon, if they are that there already)
16. Sixers - Chris Douglas-Roberts (a versatile scorer who has decent midrange game is what the Sixers need as they can't shoot and AI is having difficulties creating shots for himself this postseaon)
17. Raptors - Roy Hibbert (they need someone who can defend and rebound in the post to take pressure off Bosh; they were constantly getting killed on the glass)
18. Wizards - Joe Alexander (although only 6'8, he is supposedly very good playing the paint: both offensively and defensively; could come off the bench for Butler and Jamison nicely)
19. Cavs - Donte Greene (they need someone who can create shots for himself)
20. Denver - DJ Augustin (they need a PG and move AI to SG. AI dominate the ball too much, which makes Carmelo looks like he is not sure where he should stand from time to time. A pass first PG with AI and Carmelo running on either sides of him could be the answer/solution for Denver)
21. Nets - Jason Thompson (A good size PF who can shoot out to 15 feet and is supposed to be a decent defender is what they need to put beside Kristic)
22. Magics - Brandon Rush (good shooter and good scorer, you can never have too many of those to surround D. Howard)
23. Jazz - Chase Budinger (decent shooter and amazing athlete, perfect to run with D. Will on the fastbreak)
24. Sonics - Mario Chalmers (decent PG who can shoot the 3 and defend; maybe some competition with Luke is good for the team)
25. Rockets - Nicola Pekovic (great size to play both C and PF. He apparently love to play in the paint and be physical. Could be coming off the bench for Yao and Scola or even beat out Scola for the starting PF position)
26. Spurs - Will Daniel (Strong SF who has a great set of post moves; he could come in for Bruce and prove a new dimension)
27. Hornets - Wayne Ellington (they need a scorer off the bench and Wayne is their man)
28. Grizziles - Robin Lopez (they need a solid big)
29. Piston - Kyle Weaver (a solid combo guard with decent PG skills and good size 6'5 could provide stability to the bench; supposedly a decent defender too)
30. Boston - Omri Casspi (a athletic scorer is what the aging Boston needs to give them an energy boost)

opinions? except being too long to read...

In general a very good mock. I like the fact that you appreciate Arthur, Koufos and Ellington (players who are on my opinion underrated in many mocks).

A couple of complaints though :)
- Do you really think Grizzlies would take R.Lopez if they first take Jordan?
- I think Rush is way too low (but it's the same with most mocks). I see him pretty much as a perfect SG prospect. WHY DON'T PEOPLE AGREE!!!
- I think Daniels at 26 is a bit of a reach, but it's good to see people using their own brain and opinions and don't just copy-paste players from other mocks.
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