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Default Re: Day's Mock Draft ver.1

Originally Posted by Adambomb
ur list has wayyy to many flaws. since when would any one take air gordon over bayless? or deandre jordan so high... or hibbert in the top 20. crappy list

I think it's great that someone does some player evaluation himself rather just doing exactly same as what's in "expert mocks". We all know that the actual draft will never go like the general, expert consensus and therefore it's great that people predict "outside the box".

I don't rate Jordan that high, but he has more potential than e.g. Lopez (who's really overrated at the moment) and he going in top 5 can definitely happen. Also, Gordon over Bayless can happen too. Gordon is a better finisher, has a better left hand, can shoot better when facing tough defense, has demonstrated better big moment mentality etc etc. I rate Bayless higher because of his unbelievable quickness, but I think it's far from certain that Bayless will be better - or even go higher - than Gordon.
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