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Default Re: Joe Alexander - Best Overall Athlete In The Draft

I really like Alexander is some respects, but he has a few major flaws.

Shooting is of course #1. If he wants to be a full time starter in the league, he needs to be able to shoot. He can score in so many other ways, but making 25% of 3's in the NBA won't cut it. The other is creating his own shot. He is athletic, and has a lot of moves, but you can't give him the ball behind the 3pt line and tell him to score. Those two things together make you wonder how he is going to score in the NBA. I think Phoenix would be the perfect place for him because even a guy like Marion can score 20ppg with them. Not that Marion isn't very good, but he needs to be set up to score like Alexander. I see has the Bucks taking him which would be a horrible fit because they don't have anyone to set up his scoring.

But just to prove him not a hater, if he can develop a good, consistant outside shot in the next couple years, I could see a more athletic version of Paul Pierce. He can get to the basket, handle contact, good mid-range game, creative at getting his shots off, and plays with intensity. The thing that stands out however, is that Pierce can set up his game by hitting outside shots.
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