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Default Re: Joe Alexander - Best Overall Athlete In The Draft

Originally Posted by d_white089
That's a lie. Here's the article

Alexander's athleticism is jaw-dropping. He has a huge vertical jump and explodes off the floor. He has a little scar on his forehead just above his eyes where he hit his head on the rim in a dunk contest.

Where his leaping ability is really impressive is on his jump shot. He gets unbelievable elevation on his jumper. His jump shot is really a jump shot. With his huge leaping ability and high release -- it's virtually impossible to block.

Alexander showed excellent range on his jumper, draining NBA 3s with ease and showing a solid ability to shoot off the dribble. He still scissor-kicks a bit when he shoots which can throw him off balance, but as he smoothes out his form, he looks to be a deadly shooter.

People looking at his shaky 3-point shooting percentages in college might disagree with that assessment. He has not been a very accurate 3-point shooter in games.

That held somewhat true in a three-on-three matchup that pitted

Alexander versus Florida's Marreese Speights. Alexander struggled with Speights' height advantage and missed the majority of his shots. However, he warmed up a little at the end and hit a few big shots down the stretch for his team.

Anyway that has nothing to do with his leaping ability

thats my fault. it was CHASE BUDINGER that is rumored to have the 44 inch vertical. its not a free insider preview anymore though so i cant get the link. but google "chase budinger verticle espn" and its the 1st article to come up.its got the kevin love video
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