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Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
beasley said to an announcer that the world hasnt seen part of his game since his roll at Kstate is to be a strictly inside guy... he said he is good with his face to the basket... and the guy shot over 50% from 3 point btw... dont underestimate this guy i see him scoring 50 more than once in the nba.

I just read an interesting article about how Beasley is much more or a gym rat than he is given credit and also he has stated time and time again to Coach Huggins that his main goal is to be the best Forward to ever play the game- lofty goal but if he has the 'Jordan drive' and is willing to put forth the energy to improve his game to the point where he maxs his ability than its a no brainer Beasley is the better selection. Fact is Beasley has much more talent than does Rose; Rose however has a fantastic outlook on his game and general overall character (the comparisons to Chris Paul are much closer to being true as a person than as a basketball player btw) so knowing Pax as we do, would any of us really be that surprized by Pax taking the high character guy over the more talented one?
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