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Default Re: The Legendary Tips4 NBA 2008 Lottery Mock Draft

I like the mock, it's similar to mine except a few tweaks and Love was at #5 on mine. I'll post mine on here, I know monthh enjoys picking mine apart and feeling better about himself . It'll be up in a while, I'm doing it on my Freewebs thing it's long as **** a big paragraph description for each pick (obviously I expect no one to read all the way through, it's there for reference and I also pulled some stuff from DraftExpress with the measurements, comparisons and ****, it should look good but the mock itself might suck. Also, I have Mayo at 4 and Lopez at 3 as well, that might change in my next mock but I just love the idea of Minny getting a center to pair with Jefferson, but Mayo's talent is amazing and he could soon become a lock at #3 and would form a good backcourt with Foye.
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