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Default Re: Good deal or bad deal?

Originally Posted by ~LA's fine$t~
Oh nothing at all man, I'm not a big fan of racing games or skateboarding...but if you like them, then it's definitely worth it. Madden 2007 is a good game too, so it was definitely worth 37 bucks if you enjoy playing those type of games.

Heck, GOW alone is probably worth close to 37 made a good find.

I really didn't buy the games for the Tony Hawk game. It's kind of a throw in to me. I wanted Madden and the racing game..... The other game? Well, maybe I will like it and maybe not. If I don't like one of the 3 games I can sell them for a few bucks and lose little/none. As far as Madden goes, I'm still on Madden 2004 from the XBox.. I bought 2006 for about 7 bucks, but I didn't really enjoy that game as there wasn't a franchise mode in it from what I remember.
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