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Default Thread for Kaptain Kirk

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
Well said. But as for me, I am not as fine with picking Rose. Beasley is the better talent, and gives us the better shot at winning...RIGHT NOW. That is what we want and need because of last season.

And as for needing a great point guard to go all the way is a joke. Who did Chicago have when they won 6?

From the year 2000-2007 - 5 out of 8 have been big men. 2 have been point guards in Billups and Parker. And this year, it's not going to be Rondo or Fisher. So unless Billups or Parker can step up again, look for it to be yet again not a point guard.

What great point guard has taken his team to the Finals and won? Now what great point guard has taken his team to the Finals and won without a solid big man inside?

Who says Hinrich, Deng, and Beasley can't take Chicago anywhere?

Alright let's see here, in the last 5 years, 2 out of 5 years the FINAL MVP has gone to a PG(Parker07,Billups04). The other 3 MVPs went to a SG(Dwade06 and twice to a PF(Duncan03/05). So basically your 5 outta 8 is whack as ****. from 2000 through 2002 Shaq got MVP three years in a row. So in 8 years it looks like this as far as Finals MVP's go.

SF - 0 MVP
C- 3 MVP

Oh way to pose the question about how many good PG's the Bulls had when they won the title 6 times.

THEY DIDN'T HAVE A PG OR A BIG MAN!!!!!! They had Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, so what is your point your trying to prove with that question??? IF your using the Bulls as a reference, then let me ask you,

Who did the Bulls have at PF or C when they won 6 titles????

If i were to go off your pathetic thought process I could come to the conclusion you don't need a good PF or C to win a chip.

Last but not least, i read a post you had that said, "Chris Paul wouldn't be Chris Paul if it weren't for David West and Tyson Chandler." I really couldn't believe you could get any dumber but you did. The appropriate question would be stated "David West and Tyson Chandler wouldn't be David West and Tyson Chandler without Chris Paul."

I don't know why you try to take away so much credit from the PG position but it needs to end. Chris Paul is UN FUCING REAL. The dude has been in the league 3 years and puts up point, assists, and steal numbers no one has seen since MJ and Magic 20 years ago!!!!!!!!! Open your eyes and mind. First you underestimate D Rose, then CP ****ing 3???

When the Bulls draft Rose and you witness how good he is and how much better the Bulls are with him you will hopefully realize how absolutely stupid you are on this subject.

Beasley is more talented????? Define talented and get back to me bcuz i also disagree.
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