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Default Re: Thread for Kaptain Kirk

Time will tell.

Chauncy Billups - surrounded by a team full of All-Stars.
Tony Parker - surrounded by Tim Duncan, and Manu.

What point guard has led his team to the NBA Finals BY HIS MUTHA F*CKING SELF?

Rose is a great talent, but Beasley is a monster. I would probably say I watch more college basketball than any of you trying to throw down with me. And Beasley is a monster, he tore the Big 12 up. Rose had atleast 3 other NBA players around him. So until he can put up something when the other team is surrounded with as much talent as he has I am not going to crown the dude and say he is the next Chris Paul.

As for that dumb comment about Chris Paul. Take David West and Tyson Chandler off that team and put some scrubs down there - what happens? Yes Chris Paul made Tyson what he is today, but it still takes someone to finish the oop off. And David West opened up so much room for him. It goes both ways, yeah CP made them better. But if they don't finish their part by putting the ball in the bucket, then the defense would just collapse on CP.

But sure keep saying I don't know sh!t and blah blah blah, but if I have a team and have the 1st pick in the draft. I look at my roster and say...what is my biggest need? Well for Chicago it is inside scoring, then I look at the prospects. I see Derrick Rose, has the tools to become great. I see Michael Beasley, already a monster. Both 19. Hmm.

I take another look at my roster. Who is my biggest liability? Not Kirk, he has been great every year he has been here until last season where the whole team looked like shat.

Ben Gordon, yeah he is streaky and undersized. To bad there isn't an amazing shooting guard.

Luol Deng, nah Luol's straight.

Drew Gooden/Tyrus Thomas - Drew can rebound and throw the ball in a few times a game, an amazing backup if you find a great PF. Tyrus, he is a joke he can leap out the gym but not with a ball in his hands.

Noah - well he got arrested today so I don't need to say anything. We could use a better center, but if you have a great PF next to a center then it works. Ala Tim Duncan, KG, Chris Bosh, ect.

Hmm..PF seems to be the biggest hole. Draft Beasley and throw Tyrus away.

OR...big IF.

Deal Kirk before the damn draft for a All-Star big man, which Beasley would become anyway. Rose would need time to develop.

Remasking a team right away isn't hard, but when you have Pax on your side you need to use logic. Based on history he isn't going to deal anyone and when he does it's to late.
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