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Default Re: What causes game freezes?

Originally Posted by GOBB
I'm at 91%, 36 out of 50 accomplishments and a level 4 in multiplayer. It doesnt happen in the same spot rather it just happens. One time i left my mansion, stood on the street and it froze. I started the console over, this time i was able to call a cab, drive to strip club. I go to run and freeze. I turn the console off and on, try multiplayer instead of the actual game. During the game it freezes like 3mins into it. Its frustrating and annoying. Its not the system because I just played other games...nba2k8 quick game and online (kicked this guys ass by 20, kapono had 34 with 7 3pters). I mean the game is running as I type fine. But GTA4? I'm afraid of putting it in only to have the friggin freeze.

Maybe its the game? I goggled and noticed in other forums similar complains not just with ps3 but 360 users like me as well. I really dont feel like the hassel of sending it back to get a new one. Wish this happened Friday that way atleast if i sent it out I'd get it early next week (tuesday/wed).

How do i restall the game on my memory card? Or is that ps3? I'm clueless. Relatively new with the machine (only had it for a month).

The bug I was talking about where you reinstall it is PS3 related. I guess Rockstar was aware of the problem and made some kind of pr announcement on it. Basically the game installs some basic information on your HD or memory card, and for some reason in some cases it isn't correct and causes the game to freeze. You have to clear the installation from the HD/Memory card, and then start over. Sorry I can't be more clear than that, but I don't have a PS3, so I'm not 100% sure how it works.

I was under the impression though that this glitch was something that happened from the get-go. If you're at 90 some percent, it's probably not the same glitch.

I know my PS2 started acting up lately when I had it in the vertical position. I bought it like a year after they came out (when the first price drops happened), so it's really really quite old, and it was making some horrible grinding noises. I turned it to the horizontal position and it is working fine now.

I probably should get another one, I don't know how much life is left in this one, but it's not a priority and money is a little tight right now. I took it apart and cleaned it last year, so I would hope that isn't an issue.

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