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Default Re: The Legendary Tips4 NBA 2008 Lottery Mock Draft

GOBB, don't hate on Randolph too much, Philly is right in his draft range.

As for the draft, I just can't agree on 1 thing. Gallinari is a family friend of D'Antoni's. They are paying him so much money to win that I think the franchise is going to let him have a huge amount of control on who they pick. I think they kept Isiah because he has done a pretty decent job with picking rookies, but D'Antoni needs specific kinds of players to win. Richardson did very well with him, and I think Crawford can fill the Barbosa role. Gallinari would be a lot like Diaw, and that is the other thing that I think makes him a great fit. Not only is D'Antoni friends with his family, but he is a D'Antoni player. I don't think he will do a whole lot better than Isiah (playoffs a few seasons maybe, but not a championship contender) because he won't find another Nash, which made him a much better coach, but that is a different story and Gallinari is the logical pick.

I also don't like the Bayless pick for obvious reasons, but teams do crazy things, and if they decide to go small, that could be a killer lineup. Conley, Bayless, and Gay can push the ball like crazy. The key is that Conley can't shoot and Gay is average, so Bayless may have to pick up the slack and would fill the Miller role, but with just a much smaller body and way more athletic ability. If they could get a couple athletes up front (any chance they could trade the #28 to NJ for Sean Williams?) this team could run anyone off the court.

Sorry that this may turn into another rant, but I love what this team could do. If they could trade #28 to the Nets for Williams, then trade Lowry and something for David Lee, and then trade Crittenton, Milicic, and Miller to the Kings for Artest and Hawes, then trade into the 2nd round to get Lawson, and then you have a team that could run the ball all night long. Conley, Bayless, Gay, Artest, and Williams in the starting lineup would wear out team quickly. Then you can bring in Lawson, Lee, Warrick, Navarro, and Hawes off the bench to run the ball some more.
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