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Default Re: The Legendary Tips4 NBA 2008 Lottery Mock Draft

Originally Posted by monthh
Sorry that this may turn into another rant, but I love what this team could do. If they could trade #28 to the Nets for Williams, then trade Lowry and something for David Lee, and then trade Crittenton, Milicic, and Miller to the Kings for Artest and Hawes, then trade into the 2nd round to get Lawson, and then you have a team that could run the ball all night long. Conley, Bayless, Gay, Artest, and Williams in the starting lineup would wear out team quickly. Then you can bring in Lawson, Lee, Warrick, Navarro, and Hawes off the bench to run the ball some more.
thats way too many trades for it to logically happen. + this team would rank near the bottom in the league in ppg.idk how many defensive stops you're going to get with such a small backcourt of conley,bayless,lawson,and navarro with no one over what,6'3"? artest is your only real defensive stopper
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