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Default Re: Thread for Kaptain Kirk

Originally Posted by Dengness9
First off, just because others here agree with you means in no way that i think highly of their opinions either or that they are in anyway right.

Well if all of your points back to me are that every PG had a big man, you would know i said over and over again that this team needs a major shakeup regardless of if they add Rose or Beasley. We need a stud PG, somebody to actually run the team every possession like CP3, doing what they want when they want, who I believe Rose can be as good as. I never said that Rose with this team as it stands is gonna win any kind of title. A trade needs to be made, and I think you trade either Kirk or BG and Tyrus or Gooden for a stud Big. We don't really know who is available on the trade market until after the draft and finals are through and I think a deal can happen cuz Pax is finally ready to trade his "core".

Kaptain you can talk yourself up all you want with this "i watch the most college basketball" garbage, but I have been watching D Rose since sophmore year of highschool,watched him win back to back titles live, and IMF'O, Rose is an incredible talent at the point guard position, a player I would basically describe as a hybrid for the PG position physically with A+ potential, that I suspect to be banked on much sooner than you Kaptain and the others who responded think.

Beasley tore up the big 12. Individually though. You don't hear about him making his teammates that much better, he sure as hell doesn't show it in his assist numbers anyway. I understand no matter what Beasley makes his team better in the first place, but not to the degree that Rose will for the Bulls, and that's what the Bulls players really need. Ben Gordon needs a creator to drive and force double teams to hit him for wide jumpers all game. Tyrus Thomas needs a PG who has played with athletic talent his whole life, one who understand how to involve a player like Tyrus. Deng needs a PG who actively sets him up and makes the right passes for him as he moves without the ball cutting and off picks. Noah surely wouldn't mind easy dump off passes from Rose, or easy offensive tips when Rose drives to the rim. The Bulls are as young as any team and they need an identity. This is a team that needs a PG who defines every players role, just as much it is a team that needs a big man inside scoring presence.

And in the event that Kirk is on the team still, he would benefit from Rose almost more than anyone. If the Bulls can trade a guard or two(BG,Hughes) and free up minutes, and Hinrich is still around, well he can finally actually be a true combo guard and would play a lot of 2 where he would have so much more success. Hinrich no longer has to dribble around endlessly creating nothing most of the time as of last year and will Rose will be the man setting him up for easy shot opportunities like everyone else.

I think Beasley gets the ball and creates most of the time on his own. He isn't the type of player that really thinks of all his options first. He is thinking score. If he can become a great passer then he will for sure be a superstar to remember. But im saying, just because he can put in 20/10, that doesn't mean he can carry a team on his back or improve it greatly in the win column or if that then not the playoffs. There are plenty of 20/10ish or close to 20/10ish players that aren't on winning teams, or playoff successful teams. I think he will be a great player but I am far more sold on Rose being one of those once in a lifetime PG's who propels his teams to greatness regardless.

I would like to note that I think Rose can and will become better than both PG Finals MVP's in Billups and Parker. I understand that is a very bold statement, but if I said that I think Rose can take a team over like CP3 than you aleady know how i highly i regard Rose.

Another thing i want to get straight. I am not truly in favor of trading Ben Gordon or Kirk Hinrich over the other.I wish someone would take larry hughes. I think if the right Big man is out there and whoever the trading partner wants, we give. I in a sense want Ben Gordon more because I think he offensively is a much better player to have at SG. He has insane range and I think with a PG like Rose setting him up he has 20 to 25 ppg potential for the next 5-10 years. But Kirk would bring a little more complete game type SG style, capable of running the point when Rose is out. He doesn't have the natural scoring/shooting ability of Gordon but plays much better defense, IF he stays outta foul trouble. I know Kirk is better than last year, and his shooting isn't that bad. I in most cases act at this point if Kirk won't be on the team because since I expect a trade I think teams will want Kirk the most, and he will be easier to trade because BG is in contract limbo and Kirks salary decreases yearly. I like Hinrich, i am disappointed with him and the whole team. I dont hate him, I have a Stags Kirk throwback jersey in the closet. My opinions reflect that I think there is a high chance he won't be a Bull next season. Then again so much is gonna happen who in the hell knows.

Kirk in the end I am not trying to beef. Bball talk always gets heated in intense situations like the Bulls #1 pick. I am trying to remember we are both on the same side. I am gonna try not to attack you individually as much and more so just constructively disagree and discuss. I am not really down to be beefing with anothe Bulls fan. I'll also in the end, will never hate on anyone who thinks the Bulls should draft Beasley. I don't think it's a mistake to take Michael Beasley. I guess the only way to word it, is that I think it's a mistake to not draft Derrick Rose if you feel me at all. It's a scary tough kinda question who the Bulls should take but I just really want and think it should be Rose. I'm telling you man, he is destined for greatness in the city he is already a bball legend in at just 19.

to June 26th for all of us Bulls fans.

I feel ya and everything. But Kirk this season, was his worst season in the league. And guess what, he had most assists than Tony Parker total, averaged the same due to him playing more games. If you told me that Kirk's worst season equaled Tony Parker (comming off his MVP Finals season) would have the same ast avg I'd be in aww.

Main reason I think we should draft Beasley. Ask yourself this...what has Pax done for the Bulls recently? No trade has gotten us better, the only thing the Ben Wallace got us was Drew Gooden and a 12 million dollar contract.

And do you really think Pax is going to be able to move anyone? He could probably move Deng and Nocioni but anyone could move them since they are both highly wanted.

The way I see it, you get Beasley and you don't have to worry about making a Blockbuster deal to get rid of Hinrich or Hughes. If you get Rose, sure he could turn into a Chris Paul or DWill, but then your going to have to move some players to make the roster even workable for a coach.

Maybe we should trade the pick and get #2 so we don't have to worry about making the choice.
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