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Default Re: Thread for Kaptain Kirk

Originally Posted by Dengness9
Well starting with Paxson making trades. He is basically in the process right now of saving his job. He has no time to worry about feelings and personal agendas of his or anybody else's. If there is a trade possible for a star he has to go mostly all out, obviously not stupid all out. I think the Bulls might be the top team in the league when it comes to tradeable assets and Pax is now in the position where he has to make something happen. Yea no trade Paxson has made has gotten us any better, but I definitely like the trade we made with cleveland. I would seriously take Hughes over Wallace anyday, and we got a 26 year old PF in Gooden that really helps add depth to our big men rotation, not to mention he is at this point our #1 post scorer.

Pax knows for the 1st time his team isn't good enough to win as constructed and I think for the first time can make a dynamite trade this summer. Hey Danny Ainge looked like a pathetic GM destroying the celtics, and just when he had to make moves to save his job, he does bringing Garnett and Allen, and important role players to make the Celtics the best team in the east and the possibly the league. I am not saying Paxson is going to make any trades as big as getting both a Garnett and a Allen, but he doesn't have to. The Bulls are nowhere near as far away from winning as the Celtics team was pre-KG/Allen trades. Paxson may have made really bad moves here and there, but i will also remember him for getting the Bulls out of the gutter of the league. I definitely as a die-hard Bulls fan can give the man another chance, a last chance to make things right. He has only been a GM for 5-6 years, he hopefully has learned from his mistakes at this point. But to answer your question... Yes I do think Paxson will be able to easily move players or make up packages. No one is untouchable(for real this time) and there is too much young talent for other NBA teams to not want some.

I also must say that I can't go with you on that if we draft Beasley we don't need to make a big trade. The Bulls as constructed with Beasley added on will not win much. Kirk, Hughes, BG, and Thabo cannot all play on the Bulls, and if they do, cannot be happy about PT, therefore much less effective as bball players. AND even with all those guards we have, not one is the true PG we need. I think a trade will happen to this team either way, thats a big reason why I think you draft Rose and finding a good interior scorer will be eaiser than finding a GREAT PG.

The whole Kirk/Tony Parker thing doesn't mean to much to me. Parker is a great PG, but a score first PG. I mean let's be honest he may have the same assist numbers but Parker averages about 19 ppg to go with the 6apg. If someone asked you if you would take Hinrich or Parker, 99 or 100 out of 100 would say TP. Getting 6 apg for a starting PG should be easy with 30-40 mpg.

I'll agree with most of that, but I am still not sold on Pax making any moves. Yes if we get Beasley we still need to move someone more than likely - Tyrus is the one I see and try to bring in another backup center or a future draft pick. I think Noah taking most of the minutes at center with Gray and someone else taking the other is going to be more effective than Beasley splitting with Gooden and Tyrus.

As for the guards, Gordon IS a restricted FA which means he could eventually just walk out of the place if we don't match, and Duhon probably won't be resigned even though he is a pretty decent backup. So Hinrich, Hughes, and Thabo are really the only guards we have at this point.

If Pax could do a deal to sign and trade Ben Gordon and throw Gooden at them to get a more servicable big man then I'd be all for drafting Rose. Or even Hinrich going with someone to get a big man, because that would really fill every need the team has.

The way I see it here are the needs.
Get a big man who can score.
Get a better defensive guard at the 2 spot.
Get a stronger point.

You can fill that big man with Beasley or with a trade possibly. (If Pax grows some balls)
You could fill that defensive spot by moving Hinrich over and having Hughes there as well. Both better than Gordon. Thabo fills there as well.
Stronger point could be Rose.

But until Pax shows he is ready to make a deal - the choice is Beasley.
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