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Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
I don't expect them to be contenders next season but I do think a realistic expectation would be for them to at least make the playoffs. Unless Paxson makes huge changes and trades everyone this is still the same team pretty much (Gordon, Deng, Noc, Hinrich) that went to the playoffs 3 straight seasons. Now with the first pick and improvements at center (Noah, Gray) and PF (Drew Gooden/Tyrus Thomas) and the developments of Sefolosha and Thomas, I think this Bulls team can win 40+ games in the east especially with a good coach and Derrick Rose.

Even if the Bulls leave the team as is and just draft Derrick Rose, I think they're capable of winning 40+ games.

PG: Rose/Hinrich
SG: Sefolosha/Hughes
SF: Deng/Noc
PF: Gooden/Thomas
C: Noah/Gray

That's a very solid team right there. But I do hope that Paxson drafts Rose and then uses Hinrich and other players to trade for an all-star PF or even try and trade for another first round pick and draft Beasley or Lopez.

I still think the Heat should consider Hinrich, Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon (sign and trade) for their second pick.


PG: Rose
SG: Sefolosha/Hughes
SF: Deng/Nocioni
PF: Drew Gooden/Michael Beasley
C: Noah/Gray


So the Bulls are getting the 2nd pick for Hinrich, Tyrus and Gordon.

So the Heat are just going to take on an extra 22 million in cap to not draft Beasley or Rose?

It'd be a good trade for the Bulls I guess because they would have the 2 best players in the draft and both 19 year olds they'd be sick for years. But that can't happen unless Chicago would get like 19 million back.

Hinrich, Tyrus, Gordon, 1st round pick for next 5 years

Marion, filler, 2nd pick

That'd work.
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