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Originally Posted by IN-PAX-WE-TRUST
they should improve, but the point i'm trying to make is that there is no rush to trade for a 30 year old PF... I think we should wait and see what we have... it sucks because it is a wasted year, but I think there is no point to have 30 year old Brand on this team... we are 2-3 years away... Hornets aren't a great example b/c they have 3rd year pg, 5th year center, 3rd year pf and several veterans that contribute...

IMO potential is way over-rated. It's great to have some young talent on your team and everything, but this is the NBA and fans want the team to win now. I don't care if the team is going to be good in 5 years from now, I'd rather worry about the present, worry about the future when it gets there.
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