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Originally Posted by Chitown sports
Regardless of who we could acquire in the draft, which current Bull should be traded? In my opinion it is Ben Gordon. His scoring output is just enough to keep him around, but he is one dimensional and inconsistent. I'm interested to hear who everyone else thinks.

Who we draft and who should be traded go hand-in-hand, IMO. I don't really have a negitive feeling about anyone in particular on this team to be honest- I do kinda feel indifferent about most of the line-up though. If Gordon and/or Hinrich were to be dealt I wouldn't cry myself to sleep- same can be said about Hughes, Gooden, Gray, Simmons, Curry, Nocioni and Thomas. Noah I would have a bit of a problem with (largely depending on what he was traded for, of course) however, in the East I feel Noah has a solid shot at being an above average center- Marcus Camby part duex. Deng would bug me some as well- while he may not have a ton of upside, he is still very young and up until last year made great strides year-to-year. To me Luol has a solid chance at being a better version of Tayshaun Prince- solid, not spectacular defensive 3- which I'll take all day, BTW.

Anyway- if someone put a gun to my head and said pick one guy I guess it would be Gordon only because of his lack of defensive skills and streaky shooting.
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