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Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
IMO potential is way over-rated. It's great to have some young talent on your team and everything, but this is the NBA and fans want the team to win now. I don't care if the team is going to be good in 5 years from now, I'd rather worry about the present, worry about the future when it gets there.

noooo...maybe the celtics got away with that but the only solid young player they had was jefferson

now we have rose/beasley (hinrich) gordon deng thomas noah seflosha.... all of them are young and will develop into decent if not great players in time... gutting the team for all stars who may not even have great chemistry with eachother would be dumb when we can mold this team into contenders... with paxson as the gm not making too many trades... i could c this team ending up like the pistons... extremely familiar with eachother and they'll consistently be making playoff runs
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