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Originally Posted by lawlerslaw100
Unless you are willing to engage in intelligent discussion about the Clips and their rivalries. The bandwagon stuff just does not cut it. Stop crapppping on our forum. Clipper fans know the game, know our team, and know the league. And Sammy is a leader and winner who again will lead us to the playoffs and deeper into contention. The great roundmound of NBA analysts THE CHUCKSTER was the first to jump on our ship and pick us to damage in the playoffs. He must have listening to Dunleavy and Lawler. GO CLIPPAS! IT IS CLIPPPA TIME FOR THIS FORUM

For the best basketball fans in LA. THE CLIPPER NATION
And who exactly are you going to beat in the playoffs, the Spurs, Suns, Mavs? You haven't even done anything to improve while those teams have. And you can't be the best basketball fans in L.A. when for every Clipper Fan there is at least 10 Laker Fans. Not to mention half of them are bandwagoners. We have won 14 championships and the Clippers have been the laughing stock of the league for a very long time not counting the past two years. I say move the Clippers to Alabama.
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