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Originally Posted by AirGordon7
I say Gordon and Hughes

I think it would be alright if we keep Hinrich even if we draft Rose. Whats wrong with having 2 PGs on the floor at once??? And we wont be undersized with both Hinrich and Rose cuz both can defend SGs. The ball movement would be much better and we would be able to play at a faster pace.

I agree, although I think Paxson will have a hard time trading either one of them. I also don't like the idea of trading Hinrich just because we draft Rose. Kirk had a down year this year because of the injuries to Deng and Gordon. When they were healthy and playing well (2006), Kirk had a career year. He will never be a dominant player in the league, but he could definitely excel as a 2nd or 3rd option. He did take over the games when Gordon was out this year, and looked great doing so. Why? Because Thabo was running the point and Kirk didn't have to worry about deferring to teammates. I want him to become more selfish, take more shots. He proved two years ago that he can hit 45% of his shots, which is great for any guard not named Steve Nash or Tony Parker.

I don't think there is any way we can keep Kirk, Gordon, and Deng on the team this year, because the money we would have to shell out to them would be too much. So, of that group, Gordon would have to be the one to go because he wouldn't be worth the contract he wants and will get from someone. And the only time I could remember him being torched game in and game out against a certain team was the Pistons. If you draft Rose, the problems against them are gone, because Kirk can do all the running around with Rip, and Rose is strong enough to handle Chauncey in the post.
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