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Originally Posted by Posterize246
he'll be there a 30. and yes he should have participated. shooting is his weakness. would have been the perfect oppurtunity to prove the doubters wrong

i actually believe that the question with jamont gordon is if he he 1 handed or if he can use his right hand enough on the dribble to la point in the nba

i believe he is athletically a lottery pick at pg - 6'3 or 6'4 225 and fast- i just believe that he is still 50/50 as a prospect because of his dribbling in addition to your point of shooting- but if he has the dribbling skills with his right hand in addition to his strong left i think this guy has every right to expect to be drafted during the first round-

this guy would be ideal to bring in for workouts- for a guy like me who dosnt get that chance i have him going early second

imo in 5 years jomont gordon will either be one of the 10-15 best players from his draft class-or be a guy nbody ever heard of again after draft day- celtics could grab a perfect piece if they took the gamble and it worked- i love the thought of gordon as a 6th man or point off the bench
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