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Default Re: Lol Compared Dwight Howard to Kwame Browm

Originally Posted by Attila
NBA Comparison: Kwame Brown

Strengths: A true talent. Dwight is one of those special talents who has it all. He posseses wonderful ball handling, passing, shooting ability and a super quick first step. Combine all that with an uncanny ability to see the floor and you have something special. People with his height and ability to play the perimeter and pass the ball are hard to find. Dwight also has great leaping ability and quick hands which allow him to get his share of points in the paint. His athletic prowess allows him to rack up rebounds and alter shots frequently. Defensively he is everywhere snatching balls, tipping shots, running back on D, he does it all. Dwight is an extremely hard worker and a very coachable kid. Quite simply, he's the whole package with gigantic upside.

Weaknesses: Needs to develop more of a low post game...Tends to rely on his athleticism too much, which is common at this age. Has good footwork, but doesn't use it enough. Tends to drift to the perimeter too often. Strength may be an issue down the line if has asked to consistently play in the post, but the potential is there for him to add it...Dwight at times gets too into the game and picks up cheap fouls...Will need to make the transition from center to PF.... Other than that, a wonderful talent.

Notes: An honor student.....Dwight used to be a guard, which explains why his perimeter skills are so developed. Quoting an opposing player, "He's everywhere."....A bit of throwback, has some old fashion style to his game.....The potential here is scary.
Wonderful shooting ability? I don't understand that website. They also said Darco Milicic, Kwame Brown, and Tyson Chandler had terrific jumpshots that were NBA ready. They said Deshawn Stevenson would be an allstar and Tyson Chandler would be a bigger Kevin Garnett. They don't know what they're talking about, I wonder who the last prospect the got right was.
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