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Default Re: Twilight Princess

guess i'd rate them like this:

zelda III: a link to the past
zelda: ocarina of time
zelda: phantom hourglass
zelda: windwaker
zelda: twilight princess.

...then the rest

i was sooo excited for this game. i got it when i got my wii at launch, but i got stuck after a week or so of playing it off and on, and never really went back to it... now i feel like i'm lost when i try to fire it back up. the game just seems more tedious than its predecessors. if they'd released it a year and half earlier like they had originally planned, i probably would have played it through a few times on the cube.

the last one to be released though, the ds offering, is the mutt's nuts. tracing your path you want the boomerang to fly ftw! (amongst other intuitive gameplay)
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