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Default Re: Twilight Princess

Originally Posted by J_Rock3ts
To address your last sentence, I'd certainly hope not. Since the days of the NES, Zelda's always been on the top of my list of video game favorites. And with the newer 3d releases, the games have really become epic stories in the medium of a video game. Like you, I put Twilight Princess in the same mold as Ocarina of Time. But in a good way. To some, Ocarina of Time completely changed the concept of "gaming." Never before had I played such a captivating game that drew me into the story as OoT did. I'm assuming that many people share this opinion. TP did the same thing, but took it up another notch. As I was in OoT, I was completely astounded by the beauty of the game. Not the best graphics in the world, but TP's use of color completely made up for it. And honestly, think about it. Twilight Princess was released the same day the Wii was. Nintendo basically worked from absolute zero to create this game. The entire control scheme was revolutionary, they worked on a brand new engine, and a brand new console, and still made what many people consider the best Zelda game of all time.
\And to further address comparisons, isn't familiarity what makes the Zelda series so great? To see the same places evolve with each new adventure Link takes? To see how old items are used in new games? Hell, even to compare Link to every other Link in other games? After a while, you develop a fondness for Hyrule and its inhabitants...I'd personally be disappointed if certain features from past titles weren't included. In all, I guess it's a pointless rant. I loved Twilight Princess myself, but if you didn't, I'm certainly not going to bash you for it. TP just might not have been what you were expecting.
I understand what you're saying, and I agree with it for the most part. The wolf transformations didn't do much in the way of satisfying my appetite for new content though. Also, I agree with your sentiments of continuity. I don't want them to scrap the land of hyrule, death mountain, zora's kingdom, et al, it's just that I want something more. For instance, the hookshot in OoT added some depth to that game for me since the playable environment became more involved for its time. That's just one example off the top of my head. It isn't a bad game, but it just doesn't bring me the satisfaction that link to the past, and ocarina of time did. This game, in particular, was a driving force in my decision to purchase a wii, so I expected a lot. It didn't fall completely flat, but it didn't captivate me either. I don't know how to convey my feelings for this game very well.

ps I finally got around to picking up that mk for the DS you recommended. Jumping directionally is pretty difficult for me. The game would be fun, but my skills have deteriorated to the point where even the cpu challenges have a steep learning curve.
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