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Default Will the Nuggets Reload or Unload?

There has been many rumors flying around about trades concerning the Nuggets. I have the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there will probably be some surprises we might expect this offseason. On the other hand I just wonder if the Nuggets are just going to keep the squad they have and see if they can run with it next year.

Should the Nuggets keep MOST of their roster they have now or should they make a big splash in free agency, trades, and/or drafts?

I say we should just keep our one draft pick, pick up some undrafted free agents, trade some role players, and keep our main(star) players in check. I think Melo and A.I. understand the stakes of the Western Conference now and they need to step it up, especially with A.I. knowing that his age is going to catch up to him sooner or later.
If we draft a big guy in Hibbert or Ajinca then we gotta go after a point guard in the offseason.
If we get a Ty Lawson or Brandon Rush then we need to keep Camby and consider other big guys in the open maket to help out Camby (so he can rest, this guy can't be out there all alone on the defensive side of the ball, give him a break), not just a guy who can play defense, but who can post up offensively. I feel a center that can post up is what we have been missing and we could be dangerous if we have that. I know we have Nene, but we need to play it safe.

What are your thoughts?
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