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Default Re: Bulls should trade for one more 1st round pick

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
Hinrich, Tyrus, and Thabo for Beasley huh? Good luck since Hinrich for Beasley wouldn't even work straight up. Salaries have to match for trades to work.

And Deng for Beasley and trash? Heat would be so dumb to even consider that. They have Marion, who is a better SF than Deng - and Beasley is already better than Deng.

As for the Darrell Arthur talk. I'd love to see Arthur come play for Chicago. He already has a nice 15 foot jumper, and has some real nice post moves. If he can add 10-15 pounds he will be a David West type of player.

Im pretty sure he means Beasley and unwanted contracts for Hinrich,Thabo,and Tyrus.

Marion - In all likelyhood will not be in Miami for long. If he wants as much money as everyone knows he will, Miami is not going to resign him for big bucks, 2010 is right around the corner. The Heat could would love to have any of the mentioned Bulls players. They could def. use Kirk at PG since they have absolutely no one at that spot. Thabo a top G sub off the bench, Deng a perfect diversion for Wade. Tyrus is the only one who is in question as far as team needs for the Heat. But im sure a player with his potential and athleticism at still just 21 is valuable.

For it to ever happen, Riley would have a handpicked package from the Bulls, and he would throw us Blount and Davis or whatever they can come up with. Its only worth it if you have enough pieces left around Beasley and Rose, but the Bulls have enough depth to have that. If they get expiring contracts it could really help free cap space for 2010.

None of it will happen, so Derrick Rose No. 1 pick 2008 NBA Draft i cant wait.
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