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Originally Posted by Posterize246
should go back for another year. anytime you see a sophomore average 21 and 10 and isn't a lock for the 1st round its most likely because his team didn't win games. If he can go back,get the same numbers,and get to the NCAA tournament with new coach mike montgomery he'd be a mid 1st rounder next season. chances are he doesn't go back though

I think it's a tough decision for him. 21/10 are great numbers and now he could be picked based on the upside (by the way, I think it's almost funny how e.g. juniors don't seem to have upside, it's only the freshmen and sophmores), and realistically he can't really do much more in college to lift his stock. He's not gonna get quiker or more explosive or stronger very easily. I think he should probably stay in school and see what's his stock is like a year from now. If it's just about the same as now, then go. It's probably not going to lift much as during his Jr and Sr years.
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