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Default Re: Twilight Princess

Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen

ps I finally got around to picking up that mk for the DS you recommended. Jumping directionally is pretty difficult for me. The game would be fun, but my skills have deteriorated to the point where even the cpu challenges have a steep learning curve.

The CPU in that game is insane. If they don't want you to hit your opponent, you're not going to. It's the arcade version, and of course they wanted you to keep pouring quarters into the machine, so the CPU kicks your ass all over the place. Especially if you get Jade further up on the pillar. I usually just say f*ck it at that point and start over. It's cheap, frustrating, and I only use it to try new combos to use in the online mode. Hone your skills, then try your luck online. I'll PM you my friend code once I find my DS and we'll have a few matches.
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