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Default Re: Eastern Conference Finals, Pistons @ Celtics, Game 5, Wednesday

Here's my observations from last night's game.

1. Stuckey is going to make Billups expendable soon. Maybe next year? Someone will want to trade for Billups thinking that he is still in his prime. Stuckey can play.

2. Detroit needs a young beefy/tall big man to give them some garbage duty minutes. Max and Amir are keepers, but they need somebody with young legs AND height AND beef to bang down low. Max and Amir each have 2 out of the 3 characteristics. The Pistons are making Perkins look like Moses Malone.

3. Flip is doing a decent job rotating guys in and out. He's done a good job this year. But if the Stones lose, he's gotta go. They need a screamer/yeller coach. I wonder if Avery Johnson is interested?

4. Paul Pierce is a tough cover for Prince. Pierce doesn't rely on quickness or height so Tay can't negate him with his length. Come to think of it, I don't know how Pierce scores so much exactly. Somehow he gets it done. Also, he looks like a rat.

4. Boston is not a much better team than the Pistons. Detroit gave the series away in game 3. If they lose in this year's ECF again, they've got to shakeup the roster. The chemistry isn't right as far as mental toughness. These guys may like each other just fine, but they need more chips on shoulders.

5. Lakers will roll over Boston because of the backcourt matchup. Detroit would probably lose to them as well, but matches up better.
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