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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

Originally Posted by 5 2 3 5
I really doubt he's 265 (most sites list him at 235-245), but I was mainly referring to his height. Weight shouldn't be an issue at all; he already has enough bulk to bang with most NBA power forwards, and I could see him adding another 10-15 lbs in a few more years. He should measure no taller than 6'9" after pre-draft measurements (I've heard anywhere from 6'7"-6'9"). Still, I don't see it being too big of an issue given his range and athleticism.

6'7" 3/4 in socks; 6'9" even in shoes.

Height is not the problem- my growing concern with Beasley is his mindset- he continues to talk about how he's a 3. Now if we draft him it doesn't really matter what his preference is, Collins will play him where he needs to be played- however you have to question weither Beasley will play more like a three than a four- he continues to say that he trys ti copy/his game compares best to Carmelo, which is great I'll take a 'Melo- however 'Melo isn't a low post scorer, he's just a scorer- nothing wrong with that either really just that we may not be getting exactly what everyone seems to think we'll be getting in Beasley...
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