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That should be an interesting read...Suge and Heller, from what Heller described, seemed pretty cool with each other. The part about how Eazy wanted Suge killed is probably not surprising, especially with that tale about how Suge and his friends bursted into Eazy's office and threatened to kill Eazy if he didn't let Dr. Dre out of his contract.

Ruthless Records (along with Def Jam) paved the way for other independent labels like Rap-A-Lot, No Limit, Cash Money, So So Def, and many others. But even since Eazy died and his widow took over the label (which basically ran Heller off), they've been pretty much dead (with exception of Bone Thugs). With Suge Knight being in and out of prison (and Dre and Snoop leaving, plus 2Pac's death), Death Row is the same way. There isn't really a record label here on the West Coast that has made an impact like Death Row and Ruthless once did, except maybe Aftermath.

Eazy's son has his own label, and let's hope that he from a lot of his father's mistakes. From what I've heard from Lil Eazy, he's pretty decent and he's got some potential and he's beefing with The Game (who's beefing with everybody else it seems). Speaking of which, Lil Eazy's got a track called "Coming From Compton", and he lays into Game pretty good...I just wish the song was a bit longer (it's less than 3 mins).
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