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Default Re: Michael Beasley says that he is a combo forward..

Originally Posted by mjbulls23

What do you think your ideal position is in the NBA? Should we call you a small forward who is big enough to play power forward?

Yeah, I like that. Because I didn't measure at what I want to measure at.

So, we should call you a...

Three, four.

he also says his height is 6-8 1/2 among other things. So is he basically Carmelo with less range? I still think Beasley is better suited for this team but I'm beginning to question just how good of a fit he would be and whether or not Rose will fit in better than Beasley if Hinrich is traded.

Here would be a fair comparrison of Beasley and Melo, both comming into their rookie years.

Beasley has a better stroke and more range, also is a stronger rebounder. Right now, he could play with Melo (not saying he is better), but once he gets the NBA game, I see Beasley being a better player than Melo. Which is huge. Right now I'd still give range to Beasley but Melo is still going to be more consistant just due to reps and what not. But Beasley in his second or third year should be atleast where Melo is now. But saying Beasley is bascially another Melo is a fair comparrision, even though Beasley has a better inside game and is a stronger rebounder.

Beasley fits the team just fine, he can play the 4 but roam like Dirk and Sheed. Just put some high low sets in for him and put him at the elbow. That way he could run pick and roll or pick and pop with Kirk while Noah is already in position to get rebounds since he would be on the block.
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