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Default Re: Michael Beasley says that he is a combo forward..

Originally Posted by Ring#7
Beasly' more closer to 6'9' but its only a slight difference. If we selected him he would play better at small foward, and also can play some power foward. We dont need a small foward, and weve got a ton of good power fowards to develop. I like Beasley but Rose would be a much better fit.

Chicago's main need is to find a forward who can score. Beasley fits that bill. And if Chicago drafted him, he would start at the 4 right now, and possibly play the 3 a little bit. He isn't undersized at all to play the 4 in the NBA and that is more than likley where any team would stick him.

Chicago has so many guards that the only way Rose fits is if there is a trade.
Hinrich, Hughes, Thabo, Curry (all still under contract), Gordon (RFA), Brown, Duhon (URFA)

Duhon probably walks unless he really doesn't get any offers. If Chicago can resign him for what he has been getting then they should because he is a solid backup. Gordon will probably get a better offer from some other team. Still leaves you with 4-5 guards - of which are going to be harder to move than say Tyrus Thomas, Noah, or even Drew Gooden.

Easiest senerio to get this team in the right direction. Draft Beasley and trade Tyrus for a future draft pick. That gives you a solid team ALL-AROUND, something like what the Pistons used to be. No way is it contender status due to all the young players, but a winning team easy. Just keep the trade talks out of the meida.

To draft Rose, I really think Chicago is going to need to get rid of Hinrich or Hughes a grab a center with that. Reason I say that is the guard position would be way over populated. You trade Hinrich, then you have Rose and Hughes, or if you trade Hughes you would have Rose and Hinrich, with Hinrich also taking back the point guard spot when Rose hits the bench. With Thabo and possibly still Gordon comming of the bench.
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