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Originally Posted by benisjamin33
lol calm down dude, that roster they have goes all the way to the olympics, i would be mad if i was him to because he wants to win the cold but he wont able to because that team is for the next 3yrs
your wrong, sorry. The roster can be changed and any pplayer from the original pool of players that Colangelo released can be added to the Olympic roster. So Kobe can play in 08. I also heard Oden has talked to Colangelo about playing in 08

I understand where Gil was coming from. Lebron, Melo, and Wade are being allowed to play their normal games and play lots of one on one ball but Gil was told he was supposed to turn into JUST a long range shooter, which is unfair to him. Its kind of belittling and insulting his talent. He was saying that the team's coaches had already decided what Gil would be allowed to do on the court (just shoot) before he had a chance to prove himself in the tryouts to be just as talented as lebron,melo, and wade.

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